This is my new job: a training tomorrow

I think Dwight Shrute works there:


Please note the following:

Ø We will be reviewing ___________ policy issues from 8:30 – 9:00am (coffee and donuts will be provided).

Ø The ___________ portion of this training will begin at 9am sharp and continue until 4:00pm.

Ø We have a full agenda which means minimal breaks and a working lunch.

Ø Please dress in layers…we don’t want you to fall asleep because you are too hot or irritated if you are too cold.

Ø Please carpool if possible and remember to park at the back of the building – leave the spaces closest to the entry available to the L________ R_____ tenants.

Ø BRING A CALCULATOR…we will be doing case studies.



A singular talent

Read the story in the right column of the blog, then go down (and click back) through the pictures.

Vivian Maier, a genius ‘discovered’ only recently.

I can’t wait for the book.

Gearhead Hero

Survey Tape

(Loose) Generations

Slow Food, Okanogan

Night Orchard

Great Food

USPS Regulation


Farm Gull

On Sale: Zen Mind!

La Azteca, Bridgeport, WA

Generations Project: First Pictures

I’ve commenced field work on the Last Generation / First Generation project. Made a trip to the northeastern part of our state, namely the Okanogan neighborhood a couple weeks ago.

Beautiful country, full of good land and generational farmers.

Meet Wade Troutman, who farms the land his grandfather homesteaded.

I spent the better part of a day with Wade, who with his wife, Jane, runs Open Heart Ranch. There’ll be more to come about Wade and Jane and that land.

As I research and work on this project, I am very conscious of the process of trying to find and define a vision for the photography. I very keenly want this project to help me push my photography beyond what I was shooting as I made “Edges of Bounty”.

I want the documentation component to remain intact; it’s super important that the body of work I build be a viable and useful in its role as heritage documentation. At the same time, I am hungry to stretch my artist legs a bit. Cross your fingers for me.

My New Crush

Non gearheads please avert your eyes…

In my estimation this:

is the most exciting thing to happen in the camera world since the 5D Mark II.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled neglectful silence.