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Glass Ceiling

“I’ve always had recognition,” she says, seated in her New York home. “But, being a woman, I’m not a big star somehow. You reach a certain point and there’s a glass ceiling.” –Michelle Stuart (last amazing artist on the page)

Stefan Ruiz's amazing work, screengrabbed for your fair use and mine.

Stefan Ruiz’s amazing work, screengrabbed for your fair use and mine.

A friend posted this amazing NYT feature on artists gaining recognition late in life. I am still absorbing the vignette-synopses, and imagining the great backstories of this too-long unrecognized selection of artists who happen to be women.

And I’m thinking: Stefan Ruiz, you are one goddanmed HELL of a portraitist.

Also thinking: really, NYT? You couldn’t have come up with a woman photographer to make this amazing series of portraits? And for the love of god not Annie Leibovitz, not that she isn’t pretty great in her own right. She’s just not the only woman who takes pictures.


Anyone else in gearhead world hearing a lot about Sigma lately?

Anyone else in gearhead world hearing a lot about Sigma lately?

Is it just me, or is Sigma making a move for the elite league of primary camera equipment aftermarket?

Some great storytelling

Totally stealing this. Alec Soth, man, that guy… Damn.

Alec Soth – Summer Nights at the Dollar Tree from Aperture Foundation on Vimeo.


This is my new job: a training tomorrow

I think Dwight Shrute works there:


Please note the following:

Ø We will be reviewing ___________ policy issues from 8:30 – 9:00am (coffee and donuts will be provided).

Ø The ___________ portion of this training will begin at 9am sharp and continue until 4:00pm.

Ø We have a full agenda which means minimal breaks and a working lunch.

Ø Please dress in layers…we don’t want you to fall asleep because you are too hot or irritated if you are too cold.

Ø Please carpool if possible and remember to park at the back of the building – leave the spaces closest to the entry available to the L________ R_____ tenants.

Ø BRING A CALCULATOR…we will be doing case studies.


A singular talent

Read the story in the right column of the blog, then go down (and click back) through the pictures.

Vivian Maier, a genius ‘discovered’ only recently.

I can’t wait for the book.