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Architecture of Passage (Provisional)


Picture Walking: Learning to See With Hale

I’m hoping it will become a habit. I have started to go camera walking, with Hale aboard. One Baby Bjorn, one Canon 5D and a loose agenda of neighborhood walking. Looking to see what I see. I’m wondering if having Hale True with me is affecting what I’m seeing, how I’m seeing it.

I talk to my son a lot as we walk, even when he’s sleeping. (I want him to know my voice really well.) For picturing things, I guess I am looking in particular at stuff I make note of to Hale. But what am I looking at? I dunno: signs of who we are. Mundane, funny, rich, sad, tacky, smart, accidental, on purpose expressions.

The ways people tell you who they are by how they keep their stuff arranged around them. Casual anthropology, taken in through the eyeballs.


The Great North Wet

Having lived away from Seattle/The Northwest for so long, I worried about coming back: Would the weather—the gray, the wet—wreck me?

I shoot quite often with an eye to this kind of grotty dampness that defines winter (and also much of the rest of the year) to many views of this area.

Here are a bunch of pictures I shot a while back with a gorgeous Mamiya 6 I owned too briefly.

Gorgeous long light

Gemme my skateboard. Please.

Moments of Real or Imagined Insight

Because sometimes you just take pictures, and don’t really know why. Until later…

...when you still don't know why.

This is the place for those pictures.