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Architecture of Passage (Provisional)


Generations Project: First Pictures

I’ve commenced field work on the Last Generation / First Generation project. Made a trip to the northeastern part of our state, namely the Okanogan neighborhood a couple weeks ago.

Beautiful country, full of good land and generational farmers.

Meet Wade Troutman, who farms the land his grandfather homesteaded.

I spent the better part of a day with Wade, who with his wife, Jane, runs Open Heart Ranch. There’ll be more to come about Wade and Jane and that land.

As I research and work on this project, I am very conscious of the process of trying to find and define a vision for the photography. I very keenly want this project to help me push my photography beyond what I was shooting as I made “Edges of Bounty”.

I want the documentation component to remain intact; it’s super important that the body of work I build be a viable and useful in its role as heritage documentation. At the same time, I am hungry to stretch my artist legs a bit. Cross your fingers for me.

The Great North Wet

Having lived away from Seattle/The Northwest for so long, I worried about coming back: Would the weather—the gray, the wet—wreck me?

I shoot quite often with an eye to this kind of grotty dampness that defines winter (and also much of the rest of the year) to many views of this area.

Here are a bunch of pictures I shot a while back with a gorgeous Mamiya 6 I owned too briefly.

Gorgeous long light

Gemme my skateboard. Please.