Generations Project: First Pictures

I’ve commenced field work on the Last Generation / First Generation project. Made a trip to the northeastern part of our state, namely the Okanogan neighborhood a couple weeks ago.

Beautiful country, full of good land and generational farmers.

Meet Wade Troutman, who farms the land his grandfather homesteaded.

I spent the better part of a day with Wade, who with his wife, Jane, runs Open Heart Ranch. There’ll be more to come about Wade and Jane and that land.

As I research and work on this project, I am very conscious of the process of trying to find and define a vision for the photography. I very keenly want this project to help me push my photography beyond what I was shooting as I made “Edges of Bounty”.

I want the documentation component to remain intact; it’s super important that the body of work I build be a viable and useful in its role as heritage documentation. At the same time, I am hungry to stretch my artist legs a bit. Cross your fingers for me.


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