I won! I won!

I was awarded a $nice grant from 4Culture for “Last Generation/First Generation”, a photo documentary and oral history project exploring the last generation of family farmers and the first generation farmers effectively taking their place.

The grant will support the purchase 100 rolls of film, the costs of processing and renting a scanner, and pay me and Amy a nominal wage for our time in the field collecting images and stories from the folks who work their bodies to nubbins to make food for their communities.

I am thinking of it very much as an extension of Edges of Bounty, only taking place in western Washington instead of the Central Valley of California. The work will take place over the next year, and I will post images here.

Yay! Now I’d love to ask your help–expecially those of you tromping that food-world territory (you know who you are).

Know any last generation farmer/producers? Folks who, because of financial constraints, or because the kids want nothing to do with the farm? Know any first generation farmer/producers? Those stringy muscled idealists who know that there is good food to be brought to their neighbors’ tables if only they’re not afraid of a little backbreaking labor?

Perhaps you would be willing to make me an introduction? Ideally, King County, but basically anyone in western WA is fair game, under the rubric I set for myself. Let’s get the word out. Send an e-intro, whatever. I want to be talking to folks. Journalism is ON again, at casa Nonfiction.

I’m so excited about this project!


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