Trying shit

That’s what I need to do more of: Trying shit.

I subscribe to a blog, “Too Much Chocolate“, that brings me well curated slices of fine art photography. Current stuff, things that came via art-photo world, and sometimes via fashion world, and occasionally through outsider art world. And the features this blog brings me are not always things I like or that resonate with me. But I like to see what people are looking at, what they’re saying about it. And this is one little way to do that.

And as I’m reading today’s post it’s one of those times where what I find on the TMC Sunday feature is opening my mind up. Here is a photographer who is trying shit out. A lot of it. And it’s working, and it’s feeding on itself, and becoming a thing. It’s nice work.

Thanks Too Much Chocolate. Just, thanks.


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2 responses to “Trying shit

  1. Oh, and the photographer whose work is featured (jackass me that I forgot it!): Luis Sanchis! Luis: Wow!

    Catch him here:

  2. glad you’re digging it scott.

    – jake

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