HappyVision Goggles

I have this pair of crappy drugstore sunglasses that I just love wearing.

Regardless of the weather, or the view, everything looks like I want to take a picture of it. They live in the car, so I’m forever driving up the road, pulling them off, and putting them on, and making Amy look through them.

“Look at those clouds, babe. I mean, is it just me, or do they look, like a-MAZE-ing through these glasses?” Amy indulges me. “Wow, yeah.”

And I’m always wondering, what effect would shooting a picture through those glasses (or more rightly, through a filter of that color) have? Okay, so, say you set the white balance to daylight, and shot through that colored filter, would you get the HappyVision® look? That increased contrast and dimensionality that my brain reads?

How does the color read? Let’s put a couple sense memory colors in there–sky and skin–and get a feel. Hmm. Kinda all off.

Yep, pretty dramatic. Did I learn anything?

Well, I still don’t know, because this wasn’t a test of any sort. But I do know that the color is a lot more dramatic when photographed than in my mind’s eye–strange how we perceive things.


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