More North Wet

It’s really about my relationship with my relationship with this place.

The feeling when there’s rain on the ground, snow melting, stuff mouldering.

Even when there’s no skywater, there’s still groundwater. Seep.

Beautiful (long) light.

No to Annexation



What blood is it washing down the driveway? Is that the blood of our economy?

That color will stick to you if you walk down that road.

Noble beast, Seattle’s wintertime mascot: The lawn-duff snowman

Great place to leave your piston and rod.

Take that old man. Get in my chimney will you…

What (or who) do you think lives in that cage?

Spot the eponymous.

Sunken treasure

Protect me from wind and raccoons


Beautiful (Long) Light II

Work boots.

Card deck.

Parking Lot Orca.

Gas station landscaping.

End of the (sewer) line



Wet wood, dry car.



Manger 2.0


The scene of the tragic leap



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